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Car Moving Equipment

Swindell Dressler's kiln car moving equipment, from automated transfer cars, kiln and dryer pushers to kiln car turntables is now available to all manufacturers for replacements, upgrades, expansions, and new installations.

SDIC delivers Industrial grade, high performance equipment with full-range capability as we have been designing, building, and installing kiln car moving equipment since 1986, with over 450 units in 50 completed systems. The complete kiln car moving product line including installation, commissioning, and ongoing service is available.

We build industrial grade, high performance equipment with full-range capability. All equipment is manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or in our Australian plant in Melbourne, Victoria.

We also offer installation, commissioning, and service for all of our equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Lower operating costs
  • Latest design technologies
  • More product in less time
  Types of Car Moving

Heavy Capacity Transfer Car   Typical Cable Haulage System   Two Sided Transfer Car   Kiln Car Pusher      

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