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Structural Clay

Swindell Dressler has been a major supplier of kilns to the face brick industry for more than 70 years constructing not only kilns and dryers, but complete plants as well.

Bricks, tile, or flower pots. No matter what structural clay products you fire, when they enter a Swindell Dressler kiln, they exit in less time and at lower cost.

Our tunnel and shuttle kilns are built to be reliable and economical. Our secret? The SILVER CLOUD™ System.

The SILVER CLOUD™ System is an integrated manufacturing concept that combines the latest technologies of refractory insulation materials, process know-how, and construction techniques. Computerized firing allows program flexibility for changes in product lines.

Our computer-controlled handling systems move products into the right position at the right time. Swindell Dressler low-mass car designs join the best combustion technology with lightweight, cost-effective superstructure materials to increase fuel savings.

In 1994, Swindell Dressler introduced the Low-Set™ brick making process which makes it possible to substantially speed up the times to dry and fire the brick for most clays.

The Low-Set™ brick making process is designed to reduce operating costs by optimizing:

  • Setting
  • Drying
  • Firing
  • Unloading

The Low-Set™ process uses a setting height of only 3 or 4 brick. The Low-Set™ package can be set and unloaded with less costly machinery and can be dried faster using less energy. Also, the Low-Set™ package can be fired faster with better temperature uniformity, more uniform flashing and reduced firing losses.

To facilitate the Low-Set™ process, Swindell Dressler has developed a very special kiln car. This kiln car is extremely lightweight using fiber insulation which protects the steel frame of the car and hollow posts, beams and rods which support the load. When required, the fiber can be covered with hollow cordierite perimeter blocks and cordierite cover slabs. These kiln cars can be made extremely wide which reduces the overall length of the tunnel kiln and dryer. The Low-Set™ brick making process is designed to operate 7 days per week, which minimizes the number of kiln cars required and minimizes the size of the plant. (Process covered by U.S. Patent No 4773850).

Key Benefits

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower operating cost
  • Technologically advanced designs
  • Faster firing and drying cycles
  • Turnkey plant construction
  Types of Kilns

Tunnel Kiln with Top Fired Zones   Low Set Tunnel Kiln   Typical Piping for an Index-Fired Tunnel Kiln   Index-Fired Tunnel Kiln   Kiln Car Setting Pattern  

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